The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine is opening it’s very first student-run clinic in Peñitas on Saturday. 

Residents are looking forward to having additional physicians available, as they have to drive nearly 20 miles to receive healthcare services.

“Some people here, they don’t have a car to drive and the clinics or the hospitals [are] far away from here,” said Libby Reyes of Peñitas.

There are also residents who are uninsured and seek services at clinics, like Proyecto Desarrollo Humano, which gives free vital check-ups.

Clinic Administrator of Proyecto Desarrollo Humano, Shirley Arnolde, said they have people come in with a multitude of problems that have never actually been cared for, like the diabetics.

As Peñitas grows, Arnolde adds the clinic has a waiting list going into June, so they have partnered up with UTRGV’S School of Medicine to improve the continuity of care with a student-run clinic.

“This program is actually different from the other health centers or clinics that you find around in the Valley in a sense that this project is going to be student-driven,” said UTRGV School of Medicine student Joseph Boateng. “It has been set up by students and supervised by faculty.”

Patients will be able to receive full medical examinations.

“They’re going to see the patient from head to toe and whatever a patient needs,” said Arnolde. “It’s basically like having another physician here, which we need so desperately.”

The student-run clinic will be offering free medical services every third Saturday, with the grand opening March 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.