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If you’ve ever been to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, you sure know how tough it can be to find a parking space.

Apparently even tougher for students.

Now one student is sharing his frustrations in a video that went viral.

We continue our partnership with the communication students at UTRGV, Ileana Moreno has more on the story. 

A student at UTRGV used a drone and took to twitter to voice his frustrations about the parking problem here on campus. 

“Yep, that’s me, and I just got a $30 parking violation for parking in the wrong zone. But what UTRGV doesn’t understand is, there. Is. No. Parking.” Says Roy Gonzalez, UTRGV Student. 

Roy Gonzalez, a Junior at UTRGV made a video urging the university to make more accessible parking spots on campus. His video went viral after it reached 100,000 views online.

“The whole point, literally, the only reason I made the video was just so I could tweet it at UTRGV and I just wanted them to respond. That’s all I wanted, was for them to tweet back, or retweet it, or favorite it, like that’s all I wanted. Then it turned into like, well what do you suggest? Well I don’t know, I’m an information systems major, you know?” Gonzalez continues.

Gonzalez received a response from UTRGV assuring him that the university is working diligently to resolve the parking issues and asked him if he’d be interested in joining their parking task force in which Gonzalez responded that he only wanted a special parking spot.

The lack of parking spots has been in talks for some time by students as well as faculty. I spoke to the directors of parking and transportation at UTRGV to see what they have planned to fix the problems. 

“We understand that students have concerns and we sympathize with the fact that sometimes you come during peak hours and you cannot find parking spaces close to the building where you’re at so, we’re doing a couple of things right now in the short term.” Says Rodney Gomez, Executive Director of Parking & Transportation at UTRGV.

Gomez says the university added 206 parking spots this summer but they still plan on expanding parking lots as well as using a new technology that uses signs at parking lot entrances to show availability for a vehicle. 

“Coming from our students, we believe that we need to fulfill their needs, you know, what we are looking into doing is working with different patrons of the university, for example, SGA. We’re working hand-in-hand with them so we can possibly find solutions to current situations.” Says Pablo Aguilar, Director of Parking Services at UTRGV 

Aguilar says they will continue working with the university to make parking easier for students. 

“Most people agree with me, that saying, UTRGV does have a parking problem. Some people say there is no parking problem, which I don’t see how they can say that there is no parking problem. Maybe my suggestions as to how to fix the parking problem weren’t the right suggestions but there is a parking problem and I would say 9 out of 10 people agree.” Says Roy Gonzalez.

 While the official counter is in the works, parking and transportation officials say a test pilot will be used as early as November.

This was a report done by Ileana Moreno from UTRGV Edinburg. 

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