EDINBURG, Texas — For the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, having a small number of students living on campus has worked in their favor during the pandemic.

They didn’t reimburse students nearly as much money for those in dorms and meal plans.

“Some university’s had 8,000 we only had 800 some of the cost those university’s had to endure we dont have,” Patrick Gonzales, UTRGV Associate Vice President. “The cost that those larger universities are having to encore we don’t have. Its a blessing in disguise, we’re
going to move forward. Our one focus is to help them overcome these challenges.”

Gonzalez adds that the university also reimbursed students for non-mandatory fee’s like parking.

“We did that for two reasons, we know studetns are facing finacial burdens and two they’re not using them so it just felt right to do so,” he said.

This summer, the campus is offering its students a relief package that provides financial assistance.

The package includes $1,000 which covers a set of classes, two free parking passes, and $100 at the bookstore.

The program is receiving positive feedback and has a 14% increase in enrollment compared to the last summer.

“We instituted some plans so we made sure we eliminated some of our spending.
We got a big boost from the federal government from our cares package most of those funds will be going to our students,” he said.

That’s allowed UTRGV to expand eligibility for the tuition advantage program which will now cover tuition for undergraduate students with an annual family gross income of $95,000 or less.

Gonzales add that the university has also also provided students with over $600,000 to students through the Student Emergency Fund.

It’s something victor borrego says will is helpful as he steps into his senior year.

For more information you can visit their website: https://www.utrgv.edu/newsroom/2020/04/20-utrgv-offers-students-incentives-as-summer-semester-goes-fully-online.htm