The price of parking permits for a preferred parking zone at UTRGV has gone up and students are unhappy with the change.

“I think that’s asking a little too much, especially for students that are currently just part-time workers or full-time students, where they have school to worry about,” said Pedro Olivarez who is studying kinesiology and education at UTRGV.

UTRGV increased the price from $80 to $100 because they said it is a growing institution.

On top of balancing school, students said that finding a place to park continues to be a challenge.

“Well, I usually come around 7:40, so I could get a good parking spot because after 8 o’clock everyone [is] just fighting for parking,” explained health science student, Francisco Martinez.

“It’s kind of ridiculous because you’re already paying, but you’re still restricted to certain areas and there’s a whole bunch of students, so people have to park at restaurants,” explained biology student, Ram Silva.

However, the limited parking on campus is an issue that the university is completely aware of.

“That’s a problem of the distribution of spots that are designated for the different zones,” said UTRGV spokesman Patrick Gonzales.

While students are concerned about the price of parking permits going up, the revenue generated by the increase will help fund the expansion of parking.

This summer, UTRGV will start a project on the Edinburg campus, just north of the college of education, that includes adding 240 spots, which is expected to be completed by the fall semester.

Although students at UTRGV will pay about $100 for parking permits for the school year, other UT schools have parking permit fees that are even higher.

 At UT San Antonio, parking prices range from $66 to $815, while UT Austin parking fees range from $41 to $796.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include the ranges of parking fees from UT School systems.