UTRGV Health Center takes measures for students who contract COVID-19 on campus

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is ready for those students who test positive for COVID-19 this school year.

As more students returned to on-campus learning the UTRGV Health Center said they have a plan in place if students contract COVID-19. 

Dr. Scott Spear, Medical Director for Student & Employee Health for UTRGV said he urges students to get vaccinated. However, if students on campus think they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 he said they have a website where students can go to complete a survey.  

“We send them to a website, and they fill out something called a Preliminary Covid Screening form. That form goes to our COVID response team and I’m in charge of that team,” said Dr. Spear. 

The doctor also said if they do test positive they will recommend medicine for them to take.  

“We talk to them about the kinds of things they can do to help relieve the symptoms and generally these are not prescription medication. If they’re coughing, medication like Robitussin which is a cough suppressant, Mucinex which helps to clear mucus out can also be helpful,” said Dr. Spear. 

Dr. Spear said he informs students they should quarantine for two weeks but if their situation worsens they should go to the emergency department. He also said he has not seen a lot of students coming into the health center but expects he and his team will as the school year progresses. 

“We’re staffed with a physician, me and a part-time GYN Physician and several nurse practitioners and Physician Assistants and we’ve hired a new nurse practitioner who’s going to be starting next week,” said Dr. Spear. 

Despite the measures in place at the health center, Dr. Spears said contracting COVID-19 is avoidable for students by getting the vaccine at their campus.

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