MCALLEN, Texas– Congressman Vicente Gonzalez spoke at a U.S Postal Office in McAllen about the changes being made to the postal service. 

As the battle continues with mail-in ballots, the changes made to USPS could also affect those relying on life-saving medications.

“I am hoping that the postal service will continue to serve us,” said Luis Lucio, Post Commander for the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Brownsville.

He like many other veterans are worried about getting their medication on time.

“Most of the elderly are drinking that blood pressure medication and that is a life of death medication,” Lucio said.

Congressman Gonzalez was vocal about the devastating effects the recent operational changes for USPS can have on the county. 

“It’s never been a time like this where our president has opposed us and defunding us has tried to defund the senior citizens that rely on healthcare providers on medication,” said Gonzalez.

Many of those relying on the postal service are the elder and veterans, which could be a life or death situation. 

“Eighty percent of veterans who receive medication receive it by mail and over fifty percent of medications sent by mail are to seniors 65 and older so it’s a lifeline for many people to receive their medication,” said Gonzalez.

The Department of Veterans Affairs relies heavily on the delivery of medications by USPS. In a statement they said, “VA continually monitors prescription delivery times throughout the country and the department has always used a variety of methods to ensure timely delivery, including in-person pharmacies, USPS, and commercial carriers.”

Congressman Gonzalez said he is headed back to Washington in hopes of bring 25 billion dollars to the postal system.