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U.S. Senator Cruz in the Valley to Discuss Border Issues

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is visited the valley to talk all things border security.

Local officials sat down with the Republican to address key issues that affect the Rio Grande Valley.

As we inch closer to a major shift in the presidential administration, local leaders are uncertain of the changes that may affect so many down here in the valley. But one thing is for sure, major changes are definitely on the horizon.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said, “This administration, for eight years, has persisted in releasing criminal illegal aliens. Every year, they release murderers, they release rapists. They release burglars and people who have committed violent crimes. And that has got to change.”

While many can agree criminals and smugglers are a huge problem along the border, the issue of morale can’t be ignored.

Sister Norma Pimentel, Catholic Charities said, “We need to make sure that we don’t forget the human aspect of it. And the importance that, they’re people and many of them are victims in all of this.”

The senator says having more boots on the ground along with new technology is top priority.

Senator Cruz added, “That is consistently one I hear when I listen to local sheriffs, to local police departments, to Border Patrol. To law enforcement and leaders in the valley, on the ground, and on the border.”

Local officials say they’re cautiously optimistic about the changes President-Elect Donald Trump and his new administration will bring.

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