EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — U.S. Senator John Cornyn visited the Rio Grande Valley on Monday to address the RGV Hispanic Chamber in Edinburg.

His topics were going to include trade, agriculture, education, and infrastructure, but the border dominated much of the talk.

“It’s not just poor people fleeing violence,” Senator Cornyn explained about the current immigration issues.

Cornyn says leaders in places like New York and Chicago complain about migrants being bused to their cities by the thousands, but in Texas, leaders have had to deal with millions.

The U.S. Senator says he is eager to tackle the border crisis but does not appreciate how the Biden Administration is handling it.

”I think my record demonstrates, I’m willing to work with anybody to try to solve problems. But unfortunately, the Biden Administration has shown zero interest in working with us. And, I think the consequences of that speak for themselves,” Cornyn said.

With the news of the Biden Administration’s plan to add to the border wall, we find out that Cornyn is not a fan of the concept of a border wall.

“Smugglers, the human smugglers are very smart, they communicate with each other. They figure out where the gaps are and try to exploit those gaps. So, I have no idea whether this new construction actually makes any sense,” Cornyn said.

Cornyn says he learned from the Border Patrol that there are three things needed – people working the border, technology, and infrastructure such as the wall.

He believes policy changes are what is really needed.

”I think the best thing we could do for the people who come to this country from other countries is to provide them a safe, legal, and humane way to come. And then to figure out, ok, what do we need to do to support them,” Cornyn said.

He also believes the U.S. needs to figure out what immigrants can do to contribute to our country.