U.S. Navy veterans ship comforts of home across the world

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PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Two U.S. Navy veterans are sending care packages to active-duty soldiers and veterans in an effort to provide them with the comforts of home.

Bryan and Bridgette Eggers started sending care packages together in the early 2000s. They’ve shipped a total of 300 to 400 packages all over the world since then.

In those boxes range from books to toiletries. Bryan said they have sent underwear, feminine care products, stationery pens, baked goods, games, and more.

The care packages are a way of sending these soldiers and veterans a thank you for their service.

The Eggers both also have PTSD and said they understand the struggles, so they wanted to offer others who are experiencing the same feelings something else to focus on.

“They can have something to occupy their time and keep their hands busy, but also keep their minds off those things they’re worried about or things they have seen that could be traumatic,” said Bryan.

All items sent are donated by local and national agencies.

The care packages are most often a surprise to the recipient. Families provide the Eggers with an address and a few ideas on what that person would like.

“This is something we love to do for the families. It may not be a whole lot, it may not be the biggest things, but the sentimentality of it lets them know that people care,” added Bryan.

If you are interested in having someone who is/was in service receive a care package, reach out to the Eggers’ Facebook page.

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