TxDOT Raising Awareness In Improving Air Quality Across The State

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The Lone Star State is doing its part to Go Green.

TxDOT Spokesperson Octavio Saenz says, “The big thing, especially during the summer because more people travel, is to ensure that people understand what they can do to ensure that emissions are reduced.”

Becky Ozuna also with TxDOT gives tips to reduce emissions.

“Don’t top off your tank when you’re filling up at the gas station, keep your tires properly inflated because that does give you better gas mileage. Also, when you are filling up your gas, go in the morning or in the evening, and not in the middle of the heat in the day because that also releases emissions.”

While poor air quality is more often seen in cities like El Paso, Dallas and Houston, the Rio Grande Valley is also at risk.

“1,000 people make Texas their home every single day.” Says Saenz. “One, because we’re business friendly, we have barbecue. They bring their families, and when they bring their vehicles of course you have more emissions.”

This year TxDOT launched a game called Road Trip Challenge. The purpose is to educate the public on different ways to keeping Texas clean and for a chance to win a $5,000 road trip.

Saenz adds, “We’re hoping that it’s enough of an incentive to at least to begin the process of finding out what it takes to drive clean.”

TxDOT also encourages drivers to consider public transportation as an alternative to further improve the quality of our air. For more information about their campaign at http://drivecleantexas.org/

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