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TX Supreme Court Decision to End Bag Ban Ordinances

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Environmental groups are calling it a sad day for Texans after the state supreme court strikes down plastic bag bans.

It’s a story you first saw on news center 23 and it could affect communities in Brownsville and South Padre Island.

On Friday June 22, 2018, the Texas Supreme court strikes down bag ban ordinance in the case known as the City of Laredo v. Laredo Merchant’s Association. In short, it’s a loss to the city ordinance. Environmentalists worried that this is decision may be an end to plastic bag bans across the state.

We spoke to Texas Campaign for the Environment, a group advocating to keep the ordinances, on what this ruling is all about.  

Representative Andrew Dobbs says, “it’s a case involving the city of Laredo which likewise enacted bag ban ordinance that would potentially strike down ordinances in communities in Laredo, In South Padre Island, in Brownsville…here in Austin and around the state and make it so that no one can enact on ever again.

Right now, ordinances in Brownsville and South Padre Island restrict single use plastic bags.

Those in support of bringing the bags back believe it’s the retailers that decide whether to use bags or not.  

We’re told advocates will not give up easily. There’s plans to ‘turn to the Texas legislature to clarify laws and restore this power to local government.’ In addition, the environment support group plans to reach out to major retailers so they could keep bags away in communities where bans once stood.

We reached out to both RGV cities with plastic bag ordinances. The City of South Padre Island will be reviewing the Texas Supreme Court’s decision.

This week we introduced our viewers about plastic bag ordinances. The response has been split almost right down the middle with a little over half suggesting that the bags should be banned.

Opinion of the Court:

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