The relocation of the palm trees welcoming drivers on the Kennedy-Willacy County line are now being relocated according The Texas Department of Transportation.

The on-going process started a year ago with the removal of more than 300 palm trees. TX-DOT says the reason for the removal is due to safety and expansion of lanes on the highway.

Spokesperson for Tx-Dot, Octavio Saenz says new trees will be planted and old trees will be re-located.

“We have an environmental, division here at the Texas Department of Transportation that protects now only trees but the floor and the footprint that exist throughout the Rio Grande Valley,” said Saenz.

According to TX-DOT this project is being done in segments, last year it was the removal of the palm trees. Now it’s the re-location as construction moves further south.

“We have to move the palm tree because either one it’s not in a place that is ideal it has to be by regulation policy they have to be 30 feet away from the edge of the road,” said Saenz.

Residents last year were upset about the removal and started an online petition with over 55,000 signatures.

As of now those palm trees will be re-located south of this project, according to TX-DOT.

The project along I-69E and US-77 will continue into 2020, with three different projects being completed.