Two women have been charged with aggravated robbery after stealing money from a couple at a grocery store parking lot in Rio Grande City.

On Friday, Dec. 21, Starr County Deputies made contact with the victims of the robbery at the Hillside Grocery store located at the 6900 block of Highway 83.

According to Starr County authorities, the victims, a male and female, were approached by a woman wearing a rag on her face, black gloves and a hoodie. The woman demanded money and made away with approximately $600. The suspect then proceeded to drive off in a black Chevy Cruze.

The victims contacted La Grulla Police and, along with the Starr County deputies, located the vehicle the suspect had fled in. In the vehicle, authorities found a black, plastic toy gun and black gloves.

Two females were detained- 31-year-old Daniela Aranda and 23-year-old Abigail Cantu were taken to the Starr County Sheriff’s office and charged with aggravated robbery. Cantu was charged with escape while arrested/confined after she slipped out of authorities’ handcuffs and ran outside the Sheriff’s office. She was captured and immediately taken back into custody. Approximately $495 were recovered from Cantu when she was searched in the detention center.