Two men shout in agony as they burn alive

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Shocking video released by a Mexican Cartel from Reynosa shows two rival gang members being burned alive.

Most of the horrifying scenes are blurred as a man identifying himself as a member of the Gulf Cartel narrates over the video. He tells his rivals to feel the pain of the fire as they burn to ashes. The two tied up men were forced to drink gasoline then doused with fuel before being set ablaze.

The man on the film saying that’s what they get for kidnapping, raping and killing women and children. He says families are sacred and what they’ve been doing in Reynosa and Matamoros is animalistic.

The group identifies themselves as a faction of the Gulf Cartel known as El Metro with a message for the group known as Los Escorpiones or scorpions.

The video ends with both of the men being shot several times, but not before screaming in agony for about a minute.

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