SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Sea Turtle Inc. recently released two of its sea turtle patients at the Laguna Madre in South Padre Island.

Oogie Boogie and Conchita are two green sea turtles that were released Sept. 29 after being treated separately Sea Turtle Inc, the nonprofit sea turtle rescue facility on South Padre island. Although the two turtles were released back into the wild at the same time, the two have different stories for how they arrived into the rescuers’ care.

Oogie Boogie was what Sea Turtle Inc. calls a “rock baby,” or turtle that got stuck on a rock at the jetties. According to Jill, an education specialist with Sea Turtle Inc., this is a common mishap because sea turtles are attracted to the sea grass and algae at the jetties.

“So they will come to feed but sometimes they get stuck between the cracks and crevices of these rocks and that’s what happened with this little guy,” Jill said in a Facebook live of the release.

Oogie Boogie was found with abrasions on his shell and a parasite that some sea turtles get in their digestive tract. He was treated with an anti-parasitic and, at the time of his release, Oogie Boogie was ready to go back to the wild.

Conchita’s story on how she ended up in the care of Sea Turtle Inc. was that she was accidentally hooked by a fisherman.

“That might seem scary if your fishing and you accidentally hook a sea turtle, but these fishermen did the exact right thing and they gave us a call,” Jill said.

The crews at Sea Turtle Inc. were able to rescue Conchita and remove the hook from her mouth.

In addition to her accident, Conchita also suffered from a virus that causes tumor growth. According to Sea Turtle Inc. it is common in younger green sea turtles.

Conchita underwent surgery to get her tumors removed while in the care of Sea Turtle Inc. and was monitored to be sure her tumor did not return.

On Sept. 29, the two were considered recovered and ready to go back into the wild.

Once released, turtles will often take what Sea Turtle Inc. calls a goodbye breath before heading out into the bay to continue on their journey.

Conchita is pictured above, giving her goodbye breath to her family at Sea Turtle Inc.