FALFURRIAS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A man and a woman were arrested after they struggled to answer how the Dallas Cowboys performed last week.

Patty Lee Alvarado and Asbel Ortiz-Baquedano were arrested by the McAllen Border Patrol in connection to a human smuggling attempt, a federal complaint stated.

On Sept. 12, a grey Nissan Altima arrived at the immigration inspection at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias. The agent there observed a woman driving the vehicle, identified as Alvarado, with a passenger identified as Ortiz-Baquedano.

The agent said the two were eating sandwiches and in between bites Ortiz would look at him, and abruptly break eye contact.

The agent asked Ortiz, who was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey, “how did they do last night?” the complaint stated.

Ortiz then turned to Alvarado and waited for an answer, the complaint stated. Alvarado then responded “they didn’t do too good.”

The agent then asked them for an ID and saw Ortiz looking at Alvarado for guidance. They were directed to an area for a secondary inspection.

During the secondary inspection, it was determined that Ortiz was a Honduran citizen without documentation. He told agents that he crossed the river with four others before being picked up days later and given a Dallas Cowboys jersey to “appear more presentable” at the checkpoint.

Ortiz was placed under arrest for being illegally present in the United States, and Alvarado was placed under arrest on charges on human smuggling.