MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Rio Grande Valley Humane Society has served the city of Harlingen as a no-kill animal shelter for almost three years.

Now, the organization is expanding its efforts to the city of Mission’s Animal Shelter.

“As soon as we move in, we’re going to be focused on all of those lifesaving programs,” says RGV Humane Society Executive Director Luis Quintanilla. “We’re going to intensify our adoptions, we’re going to be working with rescues all over the state and country, and we’re going to be launching our foster program.”  

Through this 90-day expansion, the RGV Humane Society’s goal is to reach as many people in the community willing to foster, adopt, donate and volunteer.

“We want to engage with people and say, ‘Hey, look, you don’t realize just how much of a life-saving force you could be just by holding on to this animal even just for a few days or a few weeks until we can find them at home.’ We can help you do that,” Quintanilla adds.

In order to make the Mission Animal Shelter a no-kill facility, the RGV Humane Society is relying on transparency, community engagement, and enhancing the adoption process.

“The process to adopt an animal is more involved than buying a house. It’s so needlessly, needlessly obstructive,” he states. “What we want to do is bring our sense of urgency to that shelter.” 

The RGV Humane Society hopes to secure contracts with additional valley cities by October in order to continue its mission of transforming all Rio Grande Valley shelters into no-kill facilities.

“It never ever gets old for us. No matter how many tens of thousands of animals we’ve been able to save, every single one means the world when we can see it going to a family.”