Tunnel Discovered Near Border Wall

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A tunnel leading from Mexico into the U.S. has been discovered near a border wall in the City of Hidalgo

“It’s the most brazen approach I’ve seen to trying to come into the United States.” Says Othal Brand, General Manager for the Hidalgo County Water Improvement District

Border patrol agents of the Marine Division Boat Patrol discovered the tunnel leading from Mexico into the U.S. The tunnel lies near a border wall on an embankment. The property belongs to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. 

“At the bottom of a thirty-foot cliff so you would have never seen it, there’s no technology or boots on the ground that would have seen it.” Brand continues. 

The tunnel is just two thousand feet from the Hidalgo County water Improvement District number three’s pump house. Brand says he believes the tunnel leads under the border wall and into a storage rental facility.

“Possibly come up into one of the rental units and be able to come and go there, you know, undetected.”

Brand says he was impressed by how well the tunnel was designed and says after working along the border for more than 16 years, this is not a surprise to him, but adds it’s certainly a new twist for the RGV. 

“I mean we know they are common in Arizona, New Mexico, you hear about it all the time and maybe in California too but not down here.”

Now we have also learned the tunnel is expected to be destroyed sometime later this week. 

Local 23 also reached out to border patrol for comment, but they were unable to release any information about the tunnel. 

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