Trump’s Top Chair Calls Wall “Not Practical” and “Offensive”

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Republican Party chairman for Cameron County, Morgan Graham, is not on board with President Donald Trump’s border wall and calls it “not practical.”

She’s not alone, in previous reports, RGV Border Patrol Sector’s top official and elected Democrat leaders in Cameron County echo her views.

“The wall is not going to be a cure all, we need to focus on working with rather than against Mexico” said Republican Party chairman for Cameron County, Morgan Graham via phone.

Graham served as one of trump’s strongest supporters during the campaign trail.

While she continues to support Trump, she feels a physical border wall won’t do the job to stop illegal immigration.

But a wall of surveillance cameras and aerial support could work.

“But also it symbolically a lot more tasteful I think they’re building a huge wall.”

In previous reports, with KVEO News Center 23 Democratic State Representatives Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio III, technology and security are agreed upon despite being on opposite of the political spectrum.

“For eight years we heard that President Obama wasn’t doing his job well let’s see if president Trump can do his job. Do we need enforce our immigration laws yes do we need to have a safe border yes but we don’t need to have hysteria” said Democratic State Rep. Rene Oliveira during a one-on-one interview ahead of executive order signing.

“Obviously I want as much security as possible there are 21st Century tactics for providing a security” said Rep. Eddie Lucio III during an exclusive sit down interview in Austin ahead of the legislative session.

Those 21st Century means Lucio noted, include cameras and development along the border.

In part of News Center 23’s ongoing series ‘Border Lines’ Rio Grande Valley sector’s Border Patrol Deputy Chief, he himself feels technology is needed.

“We’re funded for some camera systems that would be deployed in Hidalgo and Starr County and then we’re also trying to bring in some interim technology to help us bridge that gap but it takes a while” said Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul L. Ortiz.

While President Trump is calling for the wall the action is not sitting well with the party’s history.

“We look back at Reagan who is one of the Great Republican presidents of the past and he was known for bringing down walls” said Republican Party chairman for Cameron County, Morgan Graham via phone.

Graham went on to say the Rio Grande Valley was tolerant of the fence construction back in the early 2000’s but if Trump’s wall construction begins, she foresees, significant hostility.

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