Trump’s declaration of a national emergency has triggered mixed reaction in the Valley

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Bill Snoeyenbos traveled into Mexico to get a hair cut and his teeth cleaned.

The Wisconsin Winter Texan crossed  into Mexico at the Progreso International Bridge without worry.  

However, President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency has triggered mixed reaction across the country about the border.

On the same day Snoeyenbos and other Wither Texans crossed into Mexico a protest was held in McAllen  over what some say is a “fake” national emergency.

“Living here on the border for the last 20 years, I have never seen a crisis,” said Mariam El-Haj of McAllen. “I’ve never felt endangered, so it just feels like it’s games.”

Several organizations gathered at Archer Park on Monday to make their voices heard.

“We don’t need a wall here,” said Christina Patiño Houle. “We don’t want a wall here and there is no emergency.”

CBS 4 spoke to  Winter Texans headed to Mexico despite reports of violence coming from there.

“These people are all really nice,” said Colleen Harwell, a Winter Texan from Michigan. “I’m not scared to go over there, it’s fun we have a great time.”

However, that hasn’t stopped them from crossing the border to get some errands done.

“We have a dentist here, we go down to have a meal and a drink or today we’re going for pedicures,” said Ron Watson, Winter Texan from Canada.

As far as a national emergency, some stand with the president and support a new wall.

While others think the declaration is unnecessary.

“Not this border. Now I don’t know about other borders, but I feel like this one is managed very well,” said Vicki Sievers, Winter Texan from Missouri. “I think Border Patrol does a great job.”

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