Trump administration restricting non-essential travel to and from Mexico

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HIDALGO, Texas – The Trump administration announcing travel between the U.S.-Mexico is restricted.

The president saying non-essential travel will be banned starting this weekend to further stop the spread of COVID-19. “Our nation’s top health care officials are extremely concerned about the great public health consequences of mass uncontrolled cross border movement.”

To stop COVID-19 from spreading, the United States and Mexico have agreed to stop travelers from crossing the border, only allowing lawful workers, those crossing for emergency medical or educational purposes, and commercial trade to cross.

Many travelers say they are happy with the restrictions stating the president should have implemented this since the virus broke out in China.

“There’s more cases here than over there.” said one resident.

Adding they feel safer in Mexico as they have less cases than the U.S.

“There’s going to be a problem with the economy.”

Others like taxi driver Joel Garcia are not happy with the shutdown saying he is only earning 20 percent of what he usually makes off driving tourists.

“It’s only enough to pay for gas and my taxi license that’s it.”

Garcia says he earns $1,200 on a typical weekend driving travelers to hotels and shopping centers but since places began to shut, he is barely making $300. Enough to pay gas and his taxi license.

“The economy really went down.”

These restrictions go into effect at midnight. The Trump administration says they will review the closure in 30 days. The new policy will also send immigrants and asylum seekers back to Canada or Mexico immediately without detaining or processing them.

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