PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Friday local business owners saw hours of congestion at the Pharr International Bridge.

The Pharr International Bridge has seen immediate impacts of Governor Greg Abbott’s instructions to the Department of Public Safety to conduct ‘enhanced’ inspections of all commercial vehicles at all ports of entry.

The shipping industry is growing concerned with the backlog.

“It’s crazy, I was just reading it myself we got an email from the customs over there saying they were going to be doing Level 1 inspections and that takes about an hour for each truck,” said Jonas Hernandez, co-owner of Farmers Marketing Service a watermelon import business. “So yes that deeply affects us in a lot of ways, not only with wait times, but our food is perishable.”

They are not alone, other business owners waited anxiously outside of the Pharr DPS inspection site.

“The trucks won’t come back on time to load,” said Jesus Hernandez, owner of a meat and produce import and export business. “The chicken or pork that comes to the border are delayed and now that it is the weekend, we are delayed until Monday. It causes us losses.”

Some truck drivers said they experienced wait times up to 10 hours long, a leap from the usual 3 hours it takes to cross.

Now, logistics with customers are an item of concern.

“So, if we’re promising our customers, our clients all over the United States a certain time, and we have to wait for that fruit to get here that’s definitely going cause an issue with logistics,” said Jonas Hernandez.

“We are worried yes, because the more we have to store the products the more money we lose because we can’t charge the clients more money than what we told them,” said Jesus Hernandez.

While some agree there needs to be some level of border security, this move is hurting an already strained shipping industry.

“Of course, we agree with them but at the end of the day we have a job to do and it provides for a lot of our clients,” said Jonas Hernandez.

ValleyCentral reached out to the Pharr International Bridge but they have no additional information to share at this time.