PALMVIEW, Texas (KVEO) — A Palmview city council meeting where truck drivers hoped to share their concerns regarding a city ordinance affecting their profession was canceled Tuesday evening due to power outages.

The ordinance prohibits the operation of any truck, semi-trailer or road tractors on city streets.

Dozens of truck drivers, affected by the ordinance, gathered at city hall to make their voices heard.

“A lot of us here are willing to pay permits to pay on our houses and are not out here joyriding the roads, and we just want our vehicle home safe and sound,” said Alexander Garza, truck driver.

The ordinance has been in place since 2005, but it was not strictly enforced until recently.

 “We commend them and every truck driver and we just want to work and find a solution for everyone and they deserve our attention,” said Javier Ramirez, city commissioner.

The city also added they plan on rescheduling the meeting in the upcoming week.