Trial of doctor accused of fraud resumes

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MCALLEN, Texas – A former employee of Dr. Jorge Zamora Quezada took the stand testifying he quit after he started noticing suspicious activity at Quezada’s clinics like excessive amounts of x-rays and certain ethical concerns.

Rene Lucio, who was in charge of overseeing billing at Quezada’s offices back in 2011, testified employees were mistreated if quotas were not met.
Quezada stands accused of defrauding insurance companies in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars by falsely diagnosing patients with arthritis diseases.

Lucio claims each employee had a certain number of patients they had to bring in a month in order for Quezada to make profit even if that meant scheduling patients for treatment earlier than when their next dose was due. He went on saying infusions were performed on patients who had recently had one and that was the protocol when numbers were low, no matter whose health was affected.

When the state asked Lucio to describe Quezada as a boss, Lucio did not hesitate calling Quezada a hard and angry person claiming Quezada threw a stapler at his face because quotas were not met that month. Saying the culture of the job was to make sure numbers were high and that was the only definition of doing things right.

The trial is now heading to its fifth week and is expected to continue into the new year.

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