Traffic signal concerns to be addressed in Pharr

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Traffic signal concerns to be addressed in Pharr (Source: KGBT) 

Traffic is part of the growing pains of any city, but in Pharr the drivers are pointing to one thing as being the culprit of more time in their cars.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed north or south bound on Cage Blvd. in Pharr as people who own businesses in the area said traffic has only gotten worse.

“The stoplights, they are unbalanced as you can see there’s a lot of traffic going from south to north and north to south,” said Raul Fong, the owner of Junction Café.

“The traffic is starting to get more aggressive than what it used to be,” said Martha Cano, a local hairstylist.

There are about seven intersections along the Cage corridor, and Fong along with Daniel Gonzalez, a mechanic shop owner in downtown Pharr, said they find themselves stopping at the traffic lights often.

“Stop and stop and stop, a lot of stops,” said Fong.

“You have to be ready to stop [and] make a lot of stops by the time you get into the other side of town,” said Gonzalez.

CBS 4 also timed how long it would take getting to the expressway from Ridge Rd., which took 6 minutes and 43 seconds, but heading southbound took 7 minutes and 13 seconds.

Pharr’s Interim Public Works Dir., Pilar Rodriguez said they are aware of the drivers concerns and added that all traffic signal controllers have internal clocks.

“The technology for that is quite simple, but the clocks have to be kept in sync so if the clocks start to drift then you start to lose the coordination,” said Rodriguez. “And so, we’re installing new clocks that will help keep the signal controllers in sync all the time so that the timing patterns will mesh from one intersection to another.”

Rodriguez said upgrades to the traffic signal controllers are scheduled to begin Monday and adds that TxDOT paid for the equipment and the city will be contributing labor.

The total cost of the project is $178,800 and is paid through a grant from TxDOT with a local match of $35,760.

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