Special Report: The Ghost of City Hall

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Is McAllen City Hall haunted?

McAllen city employees have experienced paranormal activity at City Hall for years, but now  they have possible proof: a “spirit” that popped up on surveillance footage.

Before it was City Hall, the land on the corner of Main Street and Houston Avenue in McAllen housed the local hospital.

“People have heard that because it was a hospital, many people had passed away in the hospital,” said Pablo Rodriguez, customer service manager for the McAllen Public Utility.

Rodriguez never believed his coworkers, who would share stories of hearing noises late at night while alone in the building. An experience during June, though, changed Rodriguez’s mind.

Rodriguez was working in his office on the first floor of City Hall when he glanced at the surveillance footage and noticed a gray spot on the ground. When he looked at the footage again, the spot was gone.

“I saw an object walking around the lobby,” Rodriguez said.

The object can be seen moving across the lobby and through a wall. Rodriguez said employees from all over City Hall watched the tape. Some thought it was just a bug walking across the camera lens.

“It actually went through the wall. That’s why I don’t think it’s a bug,” he said.

Some residents say they’re spooked — and may reconsider making utility payments in person.

“I’m not coming over here. I’m going to start making all my payments online now!” said McAllen resident Hector Perez.

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