The tropical low this past weekend gifted most of the Valley with anywhere between 1 and 5 inches of rain. Most of the rain fell over the lower and mid-valley, significantly reducing the severity of the ongoing drought.

Although today’s drought update shows improvement over much of the valley, northwestern Starr County’s drought worsened slightly, with the very far west of the county now in an extreme drought.

Despite buckets of rain over deep south Texas, lake levels in Falcon and Amistad Reservoirs saw little improvement. One week ago, Amistad Reservoir was 30.6% full; today it is 31.6% full. Falcon Reservoir was 9.4% full last week and today, it is 10.9%. Water conservation efforts are expected to continue.

With more rain in the forecast the weekend, we expect to see further improvement in both the drought conditions and reservoir levels here in the valley.

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