HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Debris across the highway has one local business owner concerned after a tire hits the roof of the business and damages a nearby vehicle.

On Thursday, winds were strong pushing the palm trees back and forth and interfering with the cable connection inside the nail salon, Nails by Blankaah.

While attending to customers, salon owner Blankaah Sauceda, and her customers heard a loud thud on the roof.

“Just to have something fly from the expressway—yeah it’s scary,” said Sauceda.

Sauceda joined her neighbors to investigate the scene when they found a small tire in the neighboring building.

“We immediately ran out,” said Sauceda. “We couldn’t figure out whatever had damaged our roof came from until we learned from the neighbor that it was a tire that flew from the expressway”

Immediately, Sauceda called the landowners and Harlingen Police arrived on the scene.

“Harlingen officers had been called over to the expressway for a tire that had come off of a trailer,” said Sergeant Larry Moore, public information officer of the Harlingen Police Department.

Credit: KVEO Iris Karami; Pictured: Car Damaged

The tire hit Sauceda’s roof twice, hit a parked car dismantling the mirror, and striking another building leaving a mark, according to Sauceda.

Harlingen police were able to find the driver; the tire flew off from a trailer while in motion.

“As far as I know the tire was returned back to the owner they had to get the tire back on the trailer somehow,” said Moore.

Moore said that the accident is reported as a crash while Sauceda said the landlords will have the insurance appraise the damages.