HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A TikToker has recently gone viral for expressing her distaste for H-E-B’s Valentine’s Day gift basket, which appeared to be catered toward Latinas with a “Toxica” balloon and hot snacks.

While many are familiar with the stereotype that Latinas enjoy “spicy” foods, the H-E-B Valentine’s Day gift catered toward Hispanic women has received mixed reviews online.

Azelin, an H-E-B employee and TikToker, called out the store for its marketing tactic. In her video, Azelin shows the H-E-B premade arrangement that consists of a black balloon with the word “Toxica” written in flames and the phrase “¡Pero me encantas!” printed beneath.

¿Que es esto? So y’all are assuming that all Latinas like Cheetos? No,” Azelin joked in her TikTok video.

With an eye roll, she added “Also, y’all are assuming all Latinas are toxicas? Whatever.”

As of Friday, the video had garnered over 420,000 likes and 4,000 comments debating the marketing, indicating both love and hate for the product.

In the comment section, users laughed at the gift stating that H-E-B knows its market audience.

One TikTok user commented, “Not all Latinas, but every toxica I know would devour that basket though.”

However, some got on the defensive stating they were offended by the stereotype but would still enjoy the snacks nonetheless.

“(I don’t know) if (I should) be mad or buy one,” Perla wrote.

The “hot” basket was filled with Hot Cheetos, Takis, and Skwinkles.

Azelin wrapped up the last frame of her video with a funny bit by pointing at the Skwinkles and stating: “These are good though.”

Friday in Harlingen, ValleyCentral found a similar gift basket at a local H-E-B with Hot Cheetos, fake eyelashes, makeup wipes and other snacks. A toxica balloon was not included.