Three children find their forever families week before Thanksgiving

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HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Three South Texas Children have officially been adopted into their forever families Wednesday afternoon.

The hearing for the adoptions was held by Judge Albert Garcia of Hidalgo County Court at Law #6 and the Associate Judge of Child Protection Court of the Rio Grande Valley West, Carlos Villalon.

Angela & Eric Cruz

Kicking off the hearing, Associate Judge Carlos Villalon welcomed the family and all government officials involved in Cruz’s adoption case.

Following, Judge Albert Garcia spoke with the children’s caseworkers, questioning whether they believed if Angela, 13, and Eric,10 were a good fit for the Cruz’s.

With the approval of government officials that came in touch with the case, Judge Garcia proceeded to verify with the parents and children if they truly wanted to finalize the adoption.

Judge Garcia asked what the children meant to Mr. Cruz and why he wanted to adopt them.

“I want the best for the kids, go to school, be something in life,” said Martin Fernando Cruz. “I feel very happy to find a home [for them] with us, and I wanna be with the kids for the rest of my life”

Mrs. Cruz as well spoke on her reasons for wanting to adopt the children.

“They are my kids, it doesn’t feel any different than my own biological children. They’re my kids,” said Maria Guadalupe Reyes De Cruz.

Both parents then accepted all the “rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities of a parent” for their children.

After a waiting period of 3,187 days, or 8 years, six months, and one day Angela and Eric are now officially part of the Cruz family.

Judge Garcia and Associate Judge Villalon congratulated the family.

“It’s a happy moment for the Cruz family, and not only for them but for the entire program itself because as it was mentioned before… there [are] a lot of families out there looking for the same thing and we need more parents to step up and do the right thing and create happiness,” said Judge Albert Garcia.

“I’m very happy for them, congratulations to the Cruz family.” Judge Villalon.

Moises Mateo Varlack

Placed into the hands of Faith and Gerald Varlack, Mateo Moises two days after his birth.

“He is my son and my wife’s son. He is a treasure to us,” said Gerald Varlack.

Moises is the second child to be adopted into the Varlack family this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Varlack spoke on what the adoption day meant to their family as Mateo becomes a part of the family.

“It is just everything that we could ever hope for. Our children are grown, and we in the sense started a second family with God’s help, and he represents another part of that family for us, He is a Varlack to us, and we love him very much,” said Gerald Varlack.

As the adoption day is a way to bring awareness to adoption in the county, the Varlacks were asked what they had to say to other families considering adopting or fostering.

“Open your home and open your heart. It isn’t an easy path but it’s such a world while path. The rewards far outweigh the challenges, it’s amazing and I’m so glad we did it,” Gerald Varlack.

The 8-month-old babies caseworker was asked if she believed the Varlacks were a good fit for the child, as well as verifying that the biological parent’s rights had been terminated. Moises’s caseworker gave her approval and recommendation for the adoption.

Before finalizing the adoption, Judge Villalon who has finalized adoptions for the Varlacks before asked the family when they fell in love with their baby boy.

“The day that he came, on that Saturday my wife cried all day. My brother and sister-in-law live next door, and she went over there with Mateo and my sister-in-law cried all day, everybody was crying all weekend. We fell in love with him the moment he came into our home, and we love him dearly,” said Gerald Varlack.

The court based its findings that the best interest of the child to approve the adoption of Moises Mateo Varlack.

Judge Villalon closed the ceremony with a congratulatory statement.

“Congratulations, very happy for you This is a very joyous day. I’m very happy that you were able to share this with us… We see a lot of things every day and we don’t get to see a lot of happy things, and this is the happiest of them all, ” Judge Carlos Villalon.

To watch the full adoption hearing, watch the video below.

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