Raymondville, Texas (KVEO)—Three people have been charged in connection to a brutal beating of a former Republican State Senate candidate on Christmas Eve.

Vanessa Tijerina told KVEO she was lured to a Texas Inn, on Frontage road, by a woman in a “black bra.”

The woman, identified as Amanda Salinas by Tijerina, said she needed to tell the former candidate “something very important regarding her safety.”

Three people then proceeded to beat her, according to Tijerina.

Police said Amanda Salinas, Ariel Vera and Raymond Santana were arrested.

Tijerina said there is a person that was giving orders over the phone and that person has yet to be arrested, however that information has not been confirmed by police.

Police have not determined a motive.

Information on the charges has not been provided to KVEO from police.

This is a developing story and we’ll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.