Thousands of Texans receive notices from the state of overpaid unemployment benefits

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HARLINGEN, Texas – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) sent more than a thousand notices to people who were paid too much unemployment benefits.

Deputy Communications Director for the company James Bernson says how they gave letters in the mail to people who were effected and how the money stretching back to March 1.

“This year we’re looking at about 214 million dollars in funds that are overpaid and we sent out about 260,000 notices,” said Bernson.

The Texas Workforce Commission says those overpayments can happen by people submitting misinformation.

“Do to sometimes an inadvertent area, a false piece of information that we receive.” Bernson goes on to say, “something that the employer provides that was incorrect and we will look at all these circumstances in determining the nature of the overpayment.”

He says thy are allowing people to get back on their feet first and not pay the overpayment right away.

“So, future benefits will not be held back and we are not asking people to pay that money back now. We are letting them defer that to the future.” Bernson also said, “It won’t be a hard deadline it will be a flexible plan to work with the people to get those debts settled.”

If people disagree with overpayment they have, Bernson says they can appeal.

Bernson said, “they may and they can provide information and they can also appeal information.”

He also says if the TWC finds that they made the errors, people won’t have to pay the money back.

 “If made all the errors and we didn’t get the wrong information from either the worker or the employer. If we discover it’s our area, we don’t make them pay that money back,” said Bernson.

Bernson added how there are people can contact the TWC if they have questions by calling or going on their website.

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