HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Before you get your house in order get your financial house in order. Stop by your ATM and stock up on cash.

Because when the lights go out the ready supply of cash does too and everyone wants one less thing to worry about if a hurricane hits the Rio Grande Valley.

Additionally, when prepping for hurricane season it is important to board up your windows. George Palacios runs a local lumberyard and knows what plywood you need to prepare for hurricane season.

“In thickness, I have a big variety and the half-inch would be perfect for the job,” Palacios said.

Seeking a professional opinion is a great idea, saves time and most importantly it can save you a lot of money. You don’t want plywood that is too thick or too thin. The thin stuff breaks too easily and the thick stuff will break your back and your bank.

One sheet of quarter-inch plywood runs roughly $22 each while a half-inch is only a couple of dollars more a sheet but with twice the protection. You might be thinking bigger is better but studies show very little benefit from going up to three-quarter inch and the cost goes up at least another $10 per board. That adds up fast with all those sheets you’ll need.

The old saying goes, the secret is in the sauce. When it comes to hurricane plywood the secret is in the fastener. The clips are called Plylox, they slide onto the board and now the board can slip into a window frame and hold tight until you pluck it out.

“When it comes to making installation easier and for folks with only a few tools these are easy and easy to take off and store for next time,” Palacios said.

One important thing to remember is when you’re closer to 60 than 50, trying to wrestle a sheet of plywood by yourself may be a little much. You may want to call for a little help.

“It’s definitely a two or three-person job especially if it’s elevated,” Palacios said. “If it’s right in front of you it can be a one-person job, but a second hand would be great.”