Despite the traffic, weather and safety surrounding Spring Break, there is a history to this tradition.

The parties, the drinking, and the days at the beach. That is spring break for many at South Padre Island. The celebrations however were not always about this party. The spring break we know today comes from an indoor pool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Steve Hathcock, Historian said, “Other colleges started coming down too. By the late 1930’s colleges from the east coast were coming down to Florida and practice. And of course, where the guys went the girlfriends would follow.

It wasn’t till the 1960’s that South Padre Island became a destination.

Steve Hathcock, “Students that came home from college that couldn’t afford to go to Fort Lauderdale would come down here. They would bring friends down here and eventually it grew from the Easter break. It evolved into Spring Break.

Spring Break in South Padre Island started out small. Now It’s one of the go to destinations for many across the country. Despite that time period though many things have not change.

Steve Hathcock, “During the 1970’s the major brewing companies, Miller and Budweiser would compete to see who would bring the best bands or groups down here.”

Today venues compete to bring in big artists. One thing that has changed for the better, is the improvement traffic flow. It may take a few hours to get across time, but things were much worse.

Steve Hathcock, “The traffic was so unimaginable. You might be trapped in traffic for 8 hours just trying to go across the bridge and back.

Regardless of time, it looks like Spring Break will continue at the beach. We’ll continue to bring you the latest out of South Padre Island.