EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Governor Greg Abbott made a stop in Edinburg to share thanksgiving meals to Texas DPS Troopers and soldiers with Operation Lone Star.

“It was something amazing for me because you know, Spanish lady working hard, that’s all nothing else,” owner Delia Lubin said.

In Edinburg Gov. Abbott made a quick stop to Delia’s, known for their tamales. This an annual trip he makes for the holidays.

“This one is for my own family I come down here every year get Delia’s tamales for us to enjoy over thanksgiving,” Abbott said.

The visit even bringing tears to store owners.

“I don’t know if I can cry, I say thank you to him and thank God, for this to me, this is the second time that he came here and I’m very happy about it,” Lubin said.

As the governor prepares to share a thanksgiving meal to those protecting the border with Operation Lone Star. Abbott says protection will have to increase because of the many people crossing the border illegally.

“If they are processed by the border patrol and are giving the authority to remain in the United States of America that’s when we put them on busses and move them to other locations across the country,” Abbott said.

Abbott says this year alone about two in a half million have crossed the border which can be compared to the size of Houston.

Authorities are working to build more segments to the wall and stronger tactics.

“We are now prioritizing the turning back or the repelling of people trying to cross the border illegally we’re having to do this because of the unpreceded numbers of people coming across the border,” Abbott said.

However work will still continue for agents, United States Army, DPS and more even through the holidays.

“I want to stop by and say thanks to all these men and women in uniform for being here all the time but especially during the time of thanksgiving thank them for their service for their sacrifice for stepping up and playing their role to secure our border,” Abbott said.

“I’m very grateful honestly because I’ve been so homesick, I have just been very busy with school I’m trying to get into medical school right now,” 2LT. with the United Stated Army, Cindy Jezierski said.

Soldiers say this meal is something that is much needed especially being away from loved ones.

“It’s been tough and it’s a very nice surprise it was a great meal being able to meet the governor I’m very grateful it was a great experience,” Jezierski said.