Texas workers are drinking more at home before 5 p.m., report finds

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MCALLEN — A lot of people are working from home and after people clock out many typically head to happy hour for a drink.

A recent study from Alcohol.org, revealed drinking habits are changing during this pandemic.

According to Alcohol.org, those working at home are picking up the bottle a lot earlier.

They found the average employee working from home picks up a drink at 4:36 PM.

“People are quarantined and their home and they got a lot of underlying issues going on. The way they use to cope with life was going out movies, malls, whatever,” said JJ Rodriguez.

He’s a counselor and founder of “A Vision For You Help Center.” He’s now helping people deal with addiction after a long battle with his own.

“When I started to lose control with alcohol. I had no control over the amount I took,” he said.

According to the study, 1 in 5 Texans who only drink on the weekends now drink during the week. Bars have been closed for months with no reopen date set. The study also reports 12% of Texans are now stocking up on alcohol and that can lead to a dangerous habit.

“I used to drink for a lot of years not just physically but mentally because you’re impacting your brain. Your brain is the most powerful muscle in your body and you affecting that so hard,” he said.

There is hope, Rodriguez tells us it took years for him to put down the bottle. He urges those finding themselves drinking more often, to stop and ask yourself a few questions.

“Why are you drinking this much and you have to look at that and your finances? Ok, now what about your health? You know drinking a lot is going to do what? Make you gain more weight. So, what about your body image are you concerned about your body image? Try to visualize your life,” he said.

For a link to alcohol anonymous 24-hour hotline, Click here. 1-800-662-4357(HELP)

For more help from A Vision For You Help Center, Click here.

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