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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – One last superstition story for you before the Red Raiders tip off for the title. A pregame meal that one member of the Texas Tech organization has stuck to, even on this game day. The Texas Tech Basketball team talks a lot about one certain fast food spot. It’s even printed on t-shirts. But a pre-game meal from another joint may be a lucky charm for one of Texas Tech’s videographers.

Tanner Fowler, videographer, “In a few minutes I’m going to go order my Popeyes and hopefully come out with the national championship today.”

You heard right. Team video guy Tanner Fowler orders Popeyes before every tournament game. “Three tenders, fries, one barbecue sauce, a biscuit, and a sprite.”

This superstition started last year.

“Got that in Dallas. We won. In Boston, I was feeling kind of sick one of the days that I said “you know Popeyes does sound kind of good, I wonder if they have that here in Boston“. Looked on Uber eats, was searching around, yes they have it. So I ordered it to the hotel.” Says Fowler.

The only time the team lost since he started the Popeyes trend? Last year’s season-ender against Villanova.

Fowler knew he had to keep the tradition going this season. He’s had the same pre-game meal throughout Tech’s historic run.

“Maybe the Popeyes is the key to success, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure it’s coach getting through and grinding every single day and working with this team, but I like to think that my superstition of eating Popeyes every day just kind of helps as a little bit of a motivation boost for myself and for the team just a little bit.”

“I do take it very seriously, I have not missed a day, I will not miss a day.”

Fowler adds he even thought about buying meals in Lubbock, freezing them, and bringing them on the road in case there was no restaurant location in the city where the team was playing. This trip he’s lucked out and hopes this helps his team tonight.

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