HOUSTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The 48th annual Texas Renaissance Festival kicks off Oct. 8 loaded with nostalgia.

Over 400 stores, restaurants, pubs and experiences will be open to the public at the festival.

Those who have attended the festival in previous years have learned to create armor, leather goods, blow glass, and other 16th-century activities. Shows such as the Daily Jousting Tournaments, Barbarians, Pirates by the boatload, and Birds of Prey will come to Houston as part of the Texas Renaissance Festival. The festival is home to over 50 of the world’s top performers.

The festival is open every Saturday, Sunday and Thanksgiving Friday from Oct. 8 through Nov. 27. There are eight themed weekends including Oktoberfest, which brings a touch of Old Bavaria to the Kingdom.

Another themed weekend, 1001 Dreams, brings fairies and fantasy. Some other themed nights include Pirates Adventures, All Hallows Even, Heroes and Villains, a Barbarian Adventure, Highlands Fling and a traditional Celtic Christmas.

The 50-plus acres of decor, shopping and eating will keep participants entertained with lots to do.

New shows coming to the festival include Lester Jesterson, a juggler, clown, comic, storyteller and non-attorney spokesperson; Chaste Treasures, a trio of noble ladies who will delight your senses.

The characters in the show with tight harmonies, intelligent wit, and sassy shenanigans make sure no two shows are ever the same with a selection of original, period, and parody tunes.

Ticket pricing starts at $15 and will vary by day. Parking for the festival is free.

Season passes, campground passes, premium parking options, and various upgrades are also available at www.texrenfest.com.