Texas’ Proposition 2 would allow counties to improve infrastructure faster

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Proposition Two would give counties the ability to issue debt bonds to build better infrastructure.

Currently, counties need to use money from their general funds in order to pay for infrastructure projects. That can limit the number of projects they can work on.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino said that “there will be a lot more infrastructure projects that we can utilize countywide if proposition two should pass.”

Infrastructure improvements include things like building bridges, repairing roads, and expanding and fixing existing drainage systems that are operated by the county.

Attorney Rick Barrera said that proposition two would “untie the hands of our county to address drainage” in order to improve the quality of life for people living in rural areas of the county.

According to Judge Trevino, proposition two wouldn’t increase taxes or require the county to go into increased debt to pay for the infrastructure projects they want to do.

“Counties would be in the same position as being able to issue and use transportation funds to pay down debt, so we’d be able to address a much larger capacity of transportation projects than we currently are allowed to do,” Trevino said.

Barrera said the proposition would be beneficial for underserved communities like the Rio Grande Valley.

“Are you able to access your property through rural roads?” asked Barrera. “If that’s a problem, this proposition will make it more simple and easier to hold your county commissioners accountable.”

Trevino said that Cameron County already has projects in mind should the amendment pass.

One project would move 18-wheeler traffic out of downtown and another would create more access to South Padre Island.

“The second causeway, the access we’ve got at the island that we’ve been working on – well, the need – for close to 20 years,” Trevino said.

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