The Texas State Board of Education has agreed to rename a social studies elective course that focuses on Mexican-American History.

After voting to standardize a Mexican-American studies course in public high schools, the state board of education is changing the name. The course which was first named “Ethnic Studies: An Overview of Americans of Mexican Descent. The course will now be known as simply, Mexican-American Studies.

Homero Garcia, Mexican-American School Boards Association President says, “The way it was originally approved by the state board of education… We were not really for it. We wanted Mexican-American studies to be mentioned.”

Garcia believes in standardizing these courses. Giving them the appropriate name is a move in the right direction for Mexican-Americans in Texas and their history.

“We have a bright culture, bright history, and a lot of people who are not recognized in the textbooks, who have done something for the state of Texas. Since they’re Mexican-Americans, I feel like they were left out of the curriculum, and we needed to do something about it.”

Some educators say it’s important that students from all kinds of backgrounds learn about Mexican-American history.

Francisco Guajardo, UTRGV professor, “It is when children understand each other, that they can build some sort of good will around community. But that doesn’t happen if children don’t know about themselves or about their neighbor.”

Educators now want to find a text book that will be aligned with the new curriculum. The standardized studies course is expected to become available in public schools next year.