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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Military Department held its weekly update Thursday to provide updates on border fence construction.

Since Dec. 9th Texas DPS has made more than 8,000 criminal arrests at the border and more than 82,000 migrant apprehensions. As a result from Governor Greg Abbott’s order to build border barriers back in June, TMD is now expanding its operation on building fences in border communities around the state.

The Texas National Guard has built fencing in Val Verde, Maverick, Starr, Zapata, and Webb County. The Department has built over 2 miles of fencing in Starr County. In total TMD has built over 6 miles border fencing in the state.

“We are now actually building fence in 6 different property owner’s land which brings up an important part of this,” Lieutenant Colonel Dan Garrison said. “We have the agreements of residents of the state of Texas, those landowners are really focused on having a safety aspect of having a barrier in place they would like that fence for the same reason you would like to have a fence for a pool in your back yard.”

With ongoing migrant apprehensions at the border, LTC Garrison said many of these landowners’ property can be dangerous for people to cross.

“Some of those property owners have construction operations or businesses some are using heavy equipment, some are farmland some have miles of distance between the river and infrastructure,” Garrison said. “So there’s miles of place where people will not be able to get any support for water, shelter, anything.”

The Texas Military Department is still in negotiations with other Texas landowners but is not sure of a timeline on when an agreement can be made for new construction to begin.

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