Dove hunting season in Texas begins on Sept. 1 and valley residents are ready and waiting.

“White wing dove hunting in the valley is kind of a way of life, “said Harlingen resident Adam Batot, owner of South Texas Headquarters. “People look forward to it, it’s the start of hunting season for everybody.”

Batot said dozens are already contacting him about the white wing dove season, which will be 90 days long, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Game wardens are reminding residents to take safety precautions when going out hunting.

“’The most common accident is actually a family member shooting another family member,” said Sgt. Jarrett Barker with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Hunting can only take place outside of city limits and all hunters must have a license.

Anyone below the age of 17 should be supervised and must have a youth hunting license.

If a person is caught without a license, they could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and face a fine.