HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO-TV) – Texas House Bill 1535 would expand the use of medical marijuana significantly in the state if passed. 

House representative Terry Canales says HB 1535 will help increase the amount of THC allowed in medical marijuana.

“It’s going to allow Texans with cancer, chronic pain, PTSD to access the compassionate use of the program,” he said.

Canales said THC in Texas is currently at .5% but HB 1535 will help increase it to 5% to help those in need.

“The reality is some of these illnesses need true quantities of THC so that the patient can actually receive the benefit,” he said.

Although Canales’ ultimate goal is to legalize marijuana in the state of Texas, he says improving the marijuana medical research program is a step forward.

“I, to some degree, believe that the Texas government is going to beat us to it because Texas is moving so slow but the fact that we are making progress is still music to my ears,” he said.

Canales hopes the bill will make it past the Senate.