Doctors in Texas want the ability to sell certain drugs right from their office. Currently, Texas is one of four states where that isn’t legal. Local 23’s Steffi Lee reports on proposals at the state capital and explores changing that law. 

“I’m not a rich man. It’s like medical insurance, or gas? That’s the kind of boat most of us are in.” Says Don Fenton, small business owner. 

Don Fenton says life as a small business owner often relates to cutting costs. He says he can’t afford the drugs he needs. 

Dr. Chris Larson uses a mobile app to help his patients shop for generic medications at low costs. 

“If I were able to dispense the same medication, I can save him money even over what the app might be able to provide for him.” Says Dr. Chris Larson.

Two bills filed at the Texas capital would let doctors sell non-controlled substances at their office. 

“It would be antibiotics or other short-term medications, sometimes might be an anti-inflammatory that’s prescription. Prescription ibuprofen, those sort of short-term medicines or antibiotics.” Says Dr. Michael Garrett. 

The Texas Pharmacy Association argues this would place a patient’s health and safety at risk and says pharmacists are the medication experts.

“The threat to the practice of pharmacy, I don’t see it.” Says Tom Schnorr of Austin Compounding Pharmacy. 

But Tom Schnorr says there should be several areas lawmakers address before allowing this practice. 

“My biggest concern is proper labeling, packaging, and the infamous making sure there’s follow-up and counseling.” 

Versions of these bills were filed last session but never made it through the full legislative process.

Right now, both bills in the house are pending in committee.