Texas Democrats still in D.C., Republicans offer ‘zero negotiation’

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Texas Democrats are still in Washington D.C. working to negotiate the election bill with Republicans, but House Representative Alex Dominguez said there have not been any negotiations.

Democrats are trying to remove some of the bill’s provisions. As Rep. Dominguez told KVEO they discriminate against certain voters and create unfair obstacles.

Some of the provisions include expanding hours in some counties while eliminating them in others. There will also be penalties for those who assist others in casting their votes, including those with disabilities.

“We have been voicing our concerns about these specific provisions with our Republican counterparts, even before we left Austin,” said Rep. Dominguez. “We’ve been trying to get some headway with them but they refuse to change at all. They refuse to even offer the hope of an amendment. We are offering proposals to them, now the ball is in their court.”

Although Republicans have not been negotiating the bill as Rep. Dominguez has wanted, he said the conversations with Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, and Vice President, Kamala Harris have helped continue the conversation.

“We, I believe, have made a significant impact and pushed the discussion even ahead than it should be according to their own timeline,” Rep. Dominguez added. “If we can keep this up, I believe we can maybe get a bill out of the Senate sometime in the near future that would help us tremendously to fight this terrible voter bill by the Republicans.”

Democrats are actively trying to reach a compromise by shifting their focus to federal legislation. They are working towards getting the “For the People Act” and “The John Lewis Voting Rights Act” passed in Congress.

Dominguez said he is unsure when he will be back in Texas, but plans to continue fighting for voter rights.

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