The Texas House Democratic Caucus released this statement following the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton:

AUSTIN, TX — Today, in a bipartisan vote, 121 members of the Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Attorney General Paxton on 20 articles of impeachment bribery, dereliction of duty, disregard of official duty and obstruction of justice.

Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (D-San Antonio) issued the following statement:
“Today, alongside my colleagues, I cast my vote in favor of impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“Impeachments are both rare and very serious. The findings of the House Committee on General Investigations are significant, and they merit further review by the Texas Senate. We have a duty, when required under the Constitution, to make a determination if there is sufficient evidence to support impeachment and trial by the Senate. Today’s vote by the House to impeach General Paxton will begin this process where the accused will be tried by the Senate sitting as the Court of Impeachment.

“This vote is not about a political party. It is not about Ken Paxton. It is not about any one of us. This vote is about the people of Texas and ensuring their elected officials are held accountable when they violate the people’s trust. Without that trust, without that confidence that elected officials serve the people alone, our government ceases to function.

“The essence of our democratic system lies in the belief that elected officials exist solely to serve the interests of the people. When that trust is violated, the very foundation of our government is undermined. It is our duty as representatives of the people to restore and protect that trust, for without it, our government cannot fulfill its vital role. The people of Texas deserve nothing less.”