There’s a new university in town.

On Monday, the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center opened its doors to the school’s first class of students.

The 65,000-square foot building is located in the expanding Tres Lago community and boasts state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

The university currently offers five degree programs including studies in public health, bio medical science, and food information systems management. Students can also enroll in two engineering programs.

Dr. Alfredo Santos, assistant provost for Texas A&M University Higher Education Center, says these specific academic programs were chosen with the community needs in mind, considering new employers in the areas such as the aerospace manufacturer, SpaceX.

“An analysis was done a couple years ago with community partners and leaders here who gave us some phenomenal feedback on what was needed in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Santos. “Among others these were the five top degrees that were called for to help meet the demand in the community.”

The school is currently constructing a second building on campus which will be used by engineering students.

Santos says the amenities are a plus, but their emphasis remains on the students.

“We are putting a lot of effort to making sure that our students are retained and that they graduate in four years,” said Santos. “That’s what we are really committed to.”