HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Lights and decorations are a big part of what makes the holiday season so special, however, a recent study shows much debate on when the right time to display your Christmas lights is.

According to a study conducted by the House Method, most homeowners in the nation said they found it acceptable to begin hanging Christmas lights on Dec. 1. However, most homeowners admitted they hang their lights in early to mid-November.

A state-by-state breakdown shows Texas was among 20 states whose residents agreed the first day of December was the earliest anyone should put up their lights.

Out of 3,939 U.S. homeowners, the study shows 18% of Americans had no problem with Christmas lights being up before Thanksgiving. And 4% said they leave their Christmas lights up all year.

The most common response from people who live in Delaware was to hang their lights up in October. Then there were those who waited all season long with 2.8% of those surveyed saying they waited until Christmas day to hang up their lights.