Ten years later: Remembering three slain children

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John Allen Rubio Found Guilty // File Photo

It’s been 10 years since three Brownsville children were murdered by their mother Angela camacho and her common-law husband John Allen Rubio.

The community honored the children on Monday in a memorial outside the building where they were killed.

District Attorney Luis Saenz hosted the memorial at 5:30 p.m. at the intersection of Tyler and 8th Streets.

Residents told Action 4 News they still get chills when thinking back on the night of the murders.

They want the building where it happened torn down, so it can bring some kind of closure.

It wasn’t easy for Minerva Perez to share her account of the night of March 14, 2003, just steps from her home on Tyler street in downtown

“We couldn’t understand what Rubio did to those kids,” Perez said.

The three children were beheaded by their own mother Angela Camacho and her common-law husband John Allen Rubio

Their remains were found in plastic bags inside an apartment in this building, with Rubio and Camacho still in the apartment claiming they had been possessed by demonic spirits to kill the children. “It’s very hard, Perez said. There were a lot of people, they were screaming that it couldn’t happen at the imperial.”

Alejandro Mendoza remembers he once saw Rubio pick up one of the children by the throat because he was crying.

He said the night of the murders police asked to go to his back yard where his dogs were, fearing a gruesome scene.

“They wanted to see what the dogs were eating because they thought Rubio and Camacho had possibly thrown out the kids bodies to the dogs to get rid of evidence,” Mendoza said.

Its these horrific memories that haunt neighbors here, and although abandoned, the building where the murders happened still stands and is a constant reminder of the tragedy for these neighbors there’s only one solution

“I think it’s time for that thing for them to tear it down because there’s a lot of people that go into that building that don’t respect it i think it’s time for the mayor to do something,” Mendoza said.

The building was preserved in case it was needed for evidence in Camacho or Rubio’s trials.

Now that Rubio is sentenced to death and Camacho to three life terms, city officials are looking to tear it down and build a memorial park.

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