Teen composes music during quarantine

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SOUTH TEXAS – In times of uncertainty and a bit of darkness for some, a South Texas eighth grade student is remaining optimistic and turning her feelings into music.

“I feel so trapped right now. I miss my friends and how they make me laugh,” is one of the first lyrics to this teen’s first COVID-19 song. “Don’t tell me that it’s COVID. This wasn’t how I planned it can’t you see that this has gone to far please just let me go to school.”  

“The songs I just kind of write them when I get an idea,” said 14-year-old Valeria Montemayor. She’s been spending these last few weeks putting pen to paper.

“When I’m bored I just grab my ukulele and put some cords together and usually lyrics just kind of come,” Montemayor added.

Montemayor told Local 23’s Brenda Medina she has a passion for music and enjoys being creative and pouring her soul into composing her own music.

“She’s had a lot of free time obviously doing her school work during the day with the online classes but in her spare time music has definitely kept her busy,” said Montemayor’s dad, Fernando.

Her dad took to social media, posting her videos and getting the attention of many,  bringing some much needed smiles.

“At first she was a little hesitant about having me post it on social media but I really enjoyed it and I told her, I think other people will enjoy it to and people need something like this,” Fernando added.

Valeria has this message for others struggling in quarantine, “find something that keeps you entertained and brings you joy so you don’t feel so down everyday. And, just keep safe, don’t go outside.”

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